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  • Pause option??

    Why cant i pause during the match?

    there should be a quit or forfeit option, i shouldnt have to close the game just to leave a match.

    If my team sucks and im losing by 18 in the 1st half why do i have to stay in the lobby?
    id rather forfeit and give the opposing team their exp and cash to start a new match
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    Because that would be unsportsmenlike.... If you are doing 100m dash and you're running last, you don't quit. You finish that damned race.
    when you play ball and you're losing with no way to catch up, you still freaking play until the horn
    yeah yeah this is a game. but it's a sports game that emulates sports
    try your best in worst of situations, maybe focus on practicing rebounds for that match, or defense, etc. don't rage quit and be that guy for 5 other people


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      Its not even me though thats the issue, ppl keep quitting and im not getting the amount for winning.

      sometimes i fo want to to quit because you have ball hog idiots that shoot 3s and miss all day. If not a quit option at least vote to forfeit like in rocket league


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        The best I can tell you KingSean is to stomach it. When you team up with people you don't know personally, "it's like a box of chocolates you never know what you're gonna get" (bad movie pun) but as Delight suggested just play the game for practice. When I'm getting my a** handed to me in Madden (rarely happens) I simply start experimenting with new plays and trying other things I haven't before. Make it work to your advantage. Trust me, I've been in the same situation. You get morons taking 3s' with Luther and/or Murdock or driving the lane for a layup with Cindy while the opposing team has all 3 players defending it with characters like Lee, Big Dog, or Luther. Believe I know the frustration of playing with people don't know the game of basketball and the role their character plays on the court.


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          I'll keep that in mind, never thought of it like that.

          why dont they just 1vs1 lol