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    Loyal fs series player. Played this game since the EU launch. Great game. Nice optimization on networks. Great balance on chars.
    1. Quick jumper.
    When you do quick jumper outside 3 point line, it is counted as 2.
    2. Game start crash
    I think a lot of people experience this. When the game has started and finished loading, 6 people are just staring at each other. Could do nothing but use R3 to have fun. Among around 50 instances like this, only one game continued. So I am not sure the point about this.
    1. Clean up the forum.
    The key for a game to have fun. But for a f2p online game like this, encouraging users to chat, discuss and make friends is very important. This forum is very much a mess with a lot of ads. On reddit not so many stuff could be found either. We need a clean environment.
    2. Match making.
    I understand that the limited ps4 user base could be the cause of poor match making. I guess the focus now is just to make a quick and smooth game without considering player ranks. I am now account lv 11 with pes 3 chars and I still keep being matched with first time player (don't ask me how I know. It's obvious.) You could provide an option. QUICK GAME will prioritize a smooth game and FAIR GAME will priorize fair match making.
    Yesterday I met a good sg/sf player and a good pg player. We add each other on psn instantly. I main in centres and I thought there was nothing happier to find a dream team. This game has not been so fun after 30 mins since it's too easy to get 25:0 before the second half even started and some1 will always rage quit from the other side. We won, without too much fun.
    3. Tutorials
    For pre-players like me who has tons of experience in fs and fs2, this game is more or less the same (but no cheats! Hurrrrray!). HOWEVER, I can imagine this game for a rookie to play. Gs do not know they NEED to defend Gs. Tall boys don't know they CAN'T shoot 3. People don't even know their shooting rate COULD increase when they are open. This somehow explains there are so many ball hoggers. Especially I can't type as if Im in fs or fs2 on pc to give suggestions. Some official general guides would be helpful instead of a skippable tutorial. Or a better match making (See how LOL players are entertaining themselves in a bronze league).
    4. Item purchase
    Instead of having, say xp bottles *1/ *5 / *10 to be the choices, can't you just let us choose how many bottles we can buy? I mean there is no bonus on buying more at the same time right? apart from skipping the annoying shopping animation?
    5. 1vs 1
    1 vs 1 is supposed to be a playground for rookies, but I have been using it for farming coins. It's simply more cost-effective than 3 vs 3. Easy, stable network, faster. 160 for 3 min game without pausing and 220 for 5 mins with pausing. Easy calculation. My recommendation would be increase the coins you can get in 3v3. Or give MVP more coins!

    Hope you can see this. This game reminds me of the old times sneaking into a net-cafe or a friend's house without letting the parents know, just to play a match of Freestyle. Hope more people can see and play this game.
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