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    I'm glad I have an Xbox and this game isn't on our marketplace, cause it is BAD.

    A buddy of mine let me play this game on his PlayStation and I gave it a fair chance. After 30 min of play I couldn't handle any more glitches, lag, and terrible gameplay. Here are a couple of things I've noticed:

    - The ball will glitch INTO the basket
    - The ball will glitch OUT OF the basket
    - Stealing works about half of the time, but not really
    - Lag
    - More lag
    - laaaaaaaaaag
    - No seriously this game lags like the special olympics.
    - Speaking of lag, the game tried to go all slo-mo to help offset the lag. What it also does is make the shot clock go down in NORMAL TIME. Check out the Slo-Mo Guys on YouTube to understand how slow motion works devs.
    - The game says it matches by doesn't.
    - Leveling up your players so they can shoot better? I do believe that's called UNBALANCED GAMEPLAY, especially when new players play against higher leveled players.
    - The "rage quit" system doesn't go through the steps normally. It starts you off on the second stage. I guess the devs don't know how to count?
    - Speaking of the quitting system, why ban players for an entire day? And why on stage three ban players from you game entirely? That's how you lose your player base and end up like Halo: The Master Chief Collection. (Even though no one plays that game anymore 343idiots never banned their players from playing the game, so you're doing worse than them, which is surprising).
    - Also, if a player quits why the hell would you end the game? Have an A.I. play in their place. Oh wait what am I saying? The devs can't count from one to three. How could I expect them to code an A.I.? Sorry!

    Fan boys be mad if you will and mods take this down, but this is what the players see before they grow smart and uninstall this game that has the artsyle of Sunset Overdrive and Minecraft. Fix your game devs before you lose your player base and alllll that cash!