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  • Game frustrations and suggestions

    Hi guys, just wanna vent out some frustrations on the game and suggestions that may help or somewhat be a basis on future game updates.

    1. Rage quitters - seriously, there needs to be done about this. there are some players when they are down by 10 or so, they intentionally quit the game. This is so frustrating because when they do even when there's only less than a minute left in the 2nd half, you automatically get 110 coins instead of 220 if you win.
    • Suggesstion: i think the devs should do something about them by maybe:
      • deducting the rage quitter's coins
      • making sure the team that didnt quit get the 220 coins (subject to edit)
      • either giving a temporary ban on rage quitters for like 5-10 mins before they can join another game or any similar action.
    2. AFK players - the cousin of number 1. They should also do something about players who just join the game then leave the controller or do nothing.

    3. Matchmaking - I hope finding a game using a Guard is as easy as those with a Power Forward or a Center. I know the devs use this to have a balance gameplay but in the end, i still see a team with 3 SGs or a mix of SG or PGs, so why bother wait for almost 3 - 5 mins when playing a guard? I dont know what's best, but i hope the devs do something about this too.

    4. MVP - I think MVPs should be given more coins because that means you played well than the rest. But I also think that they should balance out more on the computation based on being a teamplayer. Like those who have lets say 5 rebounds, 1 block and 2 assists weigh more than having 20+ points and no other stat. Just an opinion though, i think it will lessen the possibility of players being ball hogs or whatever.

    * Three pointers, not playing your role, "goaltending", forcing shots - well this is just an honorable mention, i know this depends on the player and the devs can't do anything about this. I am just so frustrated with players who always shoot 3s like it's the only point that counts (ex: he's open wide for a jumper or a layup but instead runs outside the 3 point line then shoot bricks, or try to shoot 3 but step on the line and counts as a 2 - might as well do a layup or shoot closer for a better chance to go in). You can still win by shooting 2s you know? or those Guards or Small forwards who dont defend their opponent and stay under the rim trying to "goaltend" the ball like it'll work for crying out loud. again, i know the devs have nothing to do with this, but as ive said, just wanna vent out my frustrations on these players that give me cancer and this is just based on my opinion.

    *No XP/Coins after a game - I recently experienced a glitch where we finished a game but i received no XP or Coin. so please check on this.

    Bottomline is that this game is so entertaining and nostalgic if you play with the right players whether squadmates or opponents. If you want to play with a power forward who may not be the best but knows what he's doing and a great team player, then add me: vanskispangskins. I play PF or PG.

    peace out
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    add me on psn lets run some. hopefully GM's fix my issue today so I can play again.. other then that I have teammates who are willing to play with you.

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      Agree on every word


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        The only real issue in the game is the how they decided to compensate for THE LAGGER and make everyone else on the court suffer even though they have perfect connection THAT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE FIX THIS IMMEDIATELY!!! There is no logical reason for ruining the game for everybody with perfect connection just because one pinoy with dial-up connection from Narnia decided to play, and instead of just letting the lagger lag like FSSB2 does and basically every other online game does and let the lagger take the brunt of their own sword, they are dramatically buffering and slowing down the game rendering everybody basically unplayable because the shotclock runs out before you get a chance to put up a shot it takes FOREVER AND JUST BECAUSE ONE LAGGER???? NO WAY THAT IS FAIR AT ALL!!!! FIX THIS IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!