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Matchmaking needs to change

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  • Matchmaking needs to change

    I have 1 friend that I always play this game with, we both just platinumed tonight and probably won't be playing much anymore.

    The main reasons are because there are too many glaring issues and no real incentive to continue.

    The game needs a Ranking system BAD! 90% of our games consist of getting a 3rd teammate who does nothing but shoot threes without even attempting to pass(even after they've been stopped in their tracks by an opponent trying to steal), an AFKer, or someone who doesn't attempt to play defense and only chooses to act on Defense.
    While there is a way to report these players, the community seems to be full of them and I don't see the devs being able to handle all the reports.

    I'd really like to be matched up with players of my own skill level, even if that means my win% drops significantly. I'd rather play a good game and lose, then end up winning by 1 point in a match that is essentially 2v3.

    Another reason the game needs a ranking system is that there is no real feeling of progression once you've platinumed. Even having the ability to buy new outfits with Coins would be something to look forward to. As is, coins are useless to me. I have 1 5 prestige PG and a 4 prestige C and PF.

    Long story short, the game feels pointless without anything to look forward to and wading through the pure nonsense that is the playerbase makes most of the games feel like a chore rather than anything resembling fun.