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Mission: Possible Event Glitch

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  • Mission: Possible Event Glitch

    I'm not exactly sure if posting this is any help, however, the Mission: Possible Event page is nowhere on the game for me anymore, the only banner that is shown is the 'link your facebook' one. I was able to claim my rewards for the first two stages (9 or so missions, hadn't yet completed the 5 3v3 wins) but when I logged in today and last night it has been inaccessible. It appears as if the event has been completely removed from my game, the only part of the event that still remains is the notification after a match that I've completed one mission and moved onto the next (however I cant see which mission I'm on since I cannot reach the event page). This leads me to the problem of not being able to claim the remainder of my rewards before the event ends.

    If someone could get back to me with a response or help point out where I could correctly report this if I'm mistaken in leaving the message here, I'd appreciate it greatly.

    I'd also like to mention that I noticed that there has possibly been something similar to this with another event, the 200th day anniversary. Was there ever any fix for that, or should I just plan on not getting my rewards?