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    Hey everyone i dont know if alot of people would like this idea but it would be pretty cool the new character is named michael he would be a sg with these abilities. for starting abilities he would have manual layup ,cut in and fadeaway and his mental skill would be dunkers nature every time he dunks he has a lower chance to be blocked for pstg 2 abilities he has dunk at will for pstg 2 abilities he has quick change for pstg 3 he has jab step and for pstg 4 he has turn fadeaway and for pstg 5 he should have a made up skill i made called flashy dunker the player that has this has a chance to do extremely flashy dunks ex. 360 or windmill and his mental skill would be called From The Line! he would have a chance to dunk from ft line. ik he would be a bit op but this is just a idea. ok any 3on3 tryhards

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    lol put to much skills forget quick change


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      a small forward with layup-pass skill just like fs1 would be nice.
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