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FS Albums Should Be Removed And Special Training Needs A Rework

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  • FS Albums Should Be Removed And Special Training Needs A Rework

    To start, I love the fact we can use FS Albums to customize our characters and it gives players a way to spend coins. I wanted to start with what is good about the concept but with that said... the current system is flawed and combining cards right back into the RNG pot does not save it. Here are three things preventing a good concept from being good for anyone.

    1. RNG: You have little control over what cards you get. Do you want a 4 star 3 pointer card? Well let me do math here, theres say...60 different skill cards and there is a 2% chance for a 4 star card. You have a 1.6% chance for a 3 point card x 2% it is 4 star. Thats a 0.032% chance you'll get the skill you want. You will get the skill you want after an average of 3,125 FS Albums and they cost about 800 thats 2,500,000 coins.

    2. P2W: We buy golden FS Albums, they cost $1 each. With the gold you don't get 1 star and can get 5 star cards. Now a 15% chance of a 4 star and a 5% chance of a 5 star. Still have a 1.6% chance for a 3 point x 15%. Thats a 0.24% chance you'll get the skill you want and a .08% chance you get the jackpot. You now get the skill you want or better for 312 FS Albums or $312.

    3. Limited Potential: There is a perfectly good concept here, but it is buried down too deep for the average player to even enjoy. Is it not unfair to waste so much to customize a character with unreliable results? Playing a free game, few players are going to be whales. Whales are over at 2k18. You want the model to work, toss out the P2W and RNG and make something people will be happy to put a few bucks into, 1000 players spending 5$ ($5000) VS 10 spending $50 ($500).

    4. Solution For Revenue: Ever heard of Overwatch? One of the most lucrative revenue schemes, high quality cosmetic upgrades players want to buy that have 0 effect on the gameplay. You know those Jerseys/shoes/logos no one buys, those taunts, and most importantly those premium outfits we have in 3on3? Instead of this P2W business, toss it away and move the RNG aspect over to loot boxes filled purely with cosmetics and those taunts instead.

    5. Solution For Special Training: As for the FS system, here's my solution to it. "Invest" your money/time into GUARENTEED TO BE WHAT YOU WANT skills. Here's how it would work, you would still keep your 7 skill slots with the associated skills in the 4 categories, any skills you had would be kept after the rework, and if you decide to decrease a skill level, you get 50% of the cost back.

    Yes, skill levels. Pick whatever skill (within the four catagories) you like for each slot. First level costs 1k coins and it would be multiplicitive. Second level 2k, third level 4k, fourth level 8k, fifth level 16k. By having the entry level versions of the skill much cheaper, new players can get a third level skill for only 7k and old players can grab the fifth for 31k. If you invest totally in a character thats 217k, yes its alot but there are players with over 200k.

    With this new "Investment" Special Training, just play some games and it'll go to something worthwhile. This idea has unbalancing issues, now Kim has 3 point shot success and shot resist skills, Pedro can teleport, ect. This is a two way street though, players can build counters to others builds same as we do with our character picks.

    So for those of you who made it to the end of this great wall of text, what do you guys think of this? Tell me in the comments and please vote in this poll if you think there's a need for a major rework.
    I like your solutions and think they should be implemented.
    I like the idea of a loot crate but I don't want Special Training reworked.
    I like the idea of a rework for Special Training but I don't want loot crates.
    I don't like either idea but I do think Special Training is in need of some improvement.
    Everything is fine, keep things as they are.

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    I guess you have never played FS2.

    This game is slowly becoming like FS2, where it’s P2W. Everything you do, it come with a price.

    The RNG system to get the cards is rigged AF.
    SUGGESTION: Stop blowing your money before it’s too late.

    Look at me...
    The last 3 years of FS2, I’ve spent like $2000 on cards alone - Just to get the cards I want. Probably more money wasted, when I spend on all the other little things like clothes, skills & such. I know there are Rich-Asians that spends like $10K-$20K to get the “perfect god cards” it’s become an addicton of the rigged lottery bullsh*t.
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