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  • Code generator (matchmaking)

    Yes ive read the update but dont get the purpose of it still....Whats the real point of entering a code before you join the servers?

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    There are people using macro to farm coin exp while afk. It just spas x. In-game, they'll just stand there call for ball over and over and pass when they get the ball. Verification code entering is there so people can't just afk farm


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      Aaah i get it now, i think thats going to be this games only donwnfall. AFK & ball hog players, nobody wants to play ppl like that
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        I don't think it will be the game's downfall. I think it will make people start friend requesting people that they've had a good experience with and people will start running crews more. I in particular have formed a couple of crews I run with and we're undefeated so far.

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      If ppl only played defense and didnt crowd the rim lol