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Need help! Forums have been hijacked!

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  • Need help! Forums have been hijacked!

    Joycity, please understand that as a community, we should all be able to access these forums and post and share information for people to access. This should be a centralized place where everyone can go to keep up with any new content. Instead someone has found a loophole and is maliciously posting non 3on3 material (inappropriate might I add) topics with links to websites containing malware/ potentially harmful threats to your mobile device/ computer. This is unacceptable to the community, and we are in a position to use third party websites like redit to obtain 3on3 information. How do you suppose this looks for someone who has just downloaded the game and is looking for informative information regarding the game. First impressions will shy people away from this game. As a active player of 3on3 and someone that knows interacts with the community, I believe I speak on behalf of every "baller" that this should be a top priority for you (Joycity) to look at diligently and fix/prevent this from this happening again. Thank you.

    Jenny Tortoise

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    Hello KrAdWeLL,

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused to all players in the community. Don't worry, we are doing our best to take appropriate action to the players who are posting malicious content and posting spams.

    Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and thank you for your kind understanding.


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      It's been a month and we still have retarded-ass spams



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        Ikr? ive been playing for about 3 months and yall need to get it together. Cloutgang out


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          Do you guys need another moderator here? I would easily give my time and day to help out on the forums. Been a player since day one. Would love to clear these things up. Thanks!
          15 Year Old Game Developer, and a programmer. Not that it would matter here.
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