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Some Characters could be readjusted.

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    started a topic Some Characters could be readjusted.

    Some Characters could be readjusted.

    Hi there,

    I've been playing since day 1 and there are things that have been fixed, and re-adjusted. It's really awesome to hear this and see these things being fixed. Like character nerfs, and buffs. But, there are some things that have been touched on which are probably the most pointless things to be touched on.


    Pedro -

    Pedro was a character on Day 1 a little overpowered. Why? He could do anything. Steal, shoot, defend, you name it. Now? Pedro is probably the lowest used PG now. Just because of his nerfs. He cannot steal the ball for the life of him anymore. Even with cards, I have some trouble getting any steals anymore. But, I guess that's my side there. Hmhm. I think you should put him back where he was. Not day 1, of course. Buff up his steals, and speed. He needs to be the scary PG, which he isn't anymore. People just do whatever they want all over him, which we need a character that could shut someone down. Pedro USED to do that. Now? Not anymore. Please, think much for this.

    Carter -

    His passive. P1 and P5 Passive. These need some tweaking. His shot decrease should be a lot more drastic. The shooter has to make good plays, and Carter doesn't even affect players with cards. Let alone without cards. His passive just doesn't seem to work out. Other than that, he is a solid player. Maybe change his P5 passive. It's HIGHLY useless to him.

    His success rate is a little low, too. But still, I don't have him P5 so I don't know much of his contested shots as a SF.

    Cindy -

    I seriously think her P5 passive should affect the whole team for shot success rate. William has the winning one, and why doesn't she? That'd be REALLY helpful to the team, and more Cindy players! Buff up her shot success rate, too. She is a PG that cannot shoot, she misses open shots consistently and it's just annoying.


    She is perfectly fine, honestly. But, contested QS is annoying. Goes in every time. Thought this thing was retouched on. The 3 QS is different, not too bad. That can be guarded, well now. Thanks for that.

    Carolina -

    Misses open 2s, 3s, and is a walking faceup. She needs to have some type of way to scoring. Layups? She bricks those, too. I really think her success rate should be touched up on. Along with changing the direction of her Backroll turn. When was that coming along?


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