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Allow me to explain my complaining.

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  • Allow me to explain my complaining.

    Wanted to go ahead and clear up why my posts are mainly complaints since I constantly get feedback on my posts 'stop complaining'....

    I use the forums as a platform to inform Joycity of problems with the game to improve different things that need to be addressed... And yes, I could simply submit a support request to Joycity, but I think anyone who has ever tried that is greeted with a generic response. Therefor, I tend to post topics of concern in hopes to get others on board so the we can share our concerns and problems in NUMBERS, not just one person stating their opinions.

    And also, if no one complains or makes an attempt to get things fixed, then the tiny chance we have of getting issues resolved completely disappear.

    Thankfully the slaves didn't have the same mindset as some of you and didn't complain or else we wouldn't have equality. And thankfully Martin Luther king got others behind his cause... Just to put things in laymans terms for those of you not intelligent enough to understand what I'm trying to say.

    For the record, if you don't want to read my posts, don't click on them. I'm not here to make friends or tug on my friends egos with top player lists. My apologies.

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    I for one, actually agree with you, and most of the threads you've posted. The problem is that most people just don't like negativity in general. It makes them uncomfortable. I am a realist, a very cynical, pessimistic type person, so your threads don''t really bother me. I don't really see it as "complaining" because most of the things you talk about are actually factual. It's not technically "complaining" when you're right. The problem with most people in general is (speaking of a lot of 3on3 players here) they lack the ability to think 1. coherently and 2. objectively. Their logic lies with their own personal opinions/feelings and not so much on facts. When people can start looking at what is actually best for everyone, and not just what is best for them, I think they can begin to be honest with themselves and everyone else around them. Just keep doing you man. In life, in anything you do, people have two options. They can respect you for being who you are, or hate you because of it. If you are being truthful and honest with yourself, and trying to do "the right thing" (whatever that is) that's all you can do. At the end of the day, real gonna recognize real.
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