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    This is a great and fun game don't get me wrong, but this game really needs some tweaks.
    -Fix Birds Eye Glitch
    -Blocking is super rare. ( Even when triple covered )
    -Shooting with perfect timing is too luck based.
    -Skill training item???
    -Curved meter disappears. ( No idea what it does )
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    I Agree with all of the, suggestions hope they see this and fix it right away


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      birds eye glitch is annoying. but it does help with defensive positioning.
      blocking is about timing really. and positioning. should aim to swat the ball position
      2. jumpshot, block as ball goes over fake animation threshold:: layup, block just after they take off:: dunk, block right as they jump. *this is for drive in block and block at around 100~120+ gets more forgiving with murdock
      shooting with perfect timing is something you just get used to per character. esp with some skills like shooting touch(?) and you hear a ding sound when you hit the green zone.

      skill training items isn't in open beta

      curved meter is your overall stamina. it'll get used up as you dash and perform some actions. i think screen and center positioning thingy
      you also see the stamina bar at character swapping screen. if it hits red you won't be able to screen, etc and overall stats will decrease encouraging character swap


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        The game is fun but there is three MAJOR things that would be nice. First icons to the player youre passing to. Second when someone leaves the game they should be replaced. Third is to kick people because people will join games and not play. (PS4)