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tip-off, block, and rebound timing

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  • tip-off, block, and rebound timing

    I've been playing for a little while now (player level don't remember) and have a few things that still stump me.
    Please correct me if I'm wrong and help me if you can.

    Tip-off timing.

    Correct me if I'm wrong.
    My understanding is that when the ball glows white sometime on it's way down you jump and cross your fingers.
    What's the timing on a tip-off?

    Edited 10/16/18 Max out rebound or chip-out skill. Spend money, get cards to push stat further. Otherwise forget it. Let someone else jump.


    Question, can a fadeaway be blocked? Yes, inherently they are hard to block but not impossible.
    I have not blocked any fadeaway shots nor had any of mine blocked. YES IT CAN I'VE SEEN IT BLOCKED! 6/1/2017

    The next question which ties into most blocking scenarios is, what are the inputs to block various scoring attempts?

    You definitely cannot block from behind and probably not from the side. Unlessyou have shadow block or manual block.
    For dunks, power block.
    Accomplished with Murdock and Christa, and other high block stat characters.
    My understanding otherwise is that you must be between your opponent and the hoop. Timing is different for every character you're up against.

    Blocking jump shots is fairly straight forward. Guard your opponent close (1-2 characters worth depending on the shooter) , they jump you jump. No extra input. Everybody can do it. Edited 10/16/18 You want to be perpendicular between the opponent and the hoop. Unless using a character with skills that allow otherwise.
    If it's a fast shooter you've got to be f***ing on point, and read it.

    Edited 10/16/18 Blocking dunks is similar to above.
    You can definitely disrupt dunks with every non-defensive character, maybe not block, but enough to make them fail the dunk depending on your stats.
    Timing is different from layups. It's much earlier (in milliseconds). And further out from the hoop than layups.

    Edited 10/16/18 Blocking layup/ins. Timing and direction are important. With Murdock it is probably not an issue.
    Charcters with manual layup can be hard to read. But you can jump fairly late as long as you are in the lane to block your opponent.

    It's 50-50 IF the opponent is not going to fake a drive or manipulate timing with skills in 1 of 3 ways.
    1 Drive in, reverse, drive in.
    2 Drive through under basket come out under basket. (Not used because of high failure rate)
    3 Skills: Euro-step/double clutch, crossover/double clutch, scoop shot, spin move. And now triple clutch animation.
    Otherwise its straight to the hoop or to the open side.
    So think about who you're up against.
    F*** Fred. I'm pretty sure you need to jump really early for him. I don't have a clue.
    I have never stuffed this f***er in his layup.

    When using non-defensive characters:
    To block, timing and the position you jump from is everything!

    I suck at rebounds period.

    When the ball glows white you jump to attempt a rebound. Timing is different every time depending on the bounce.
    The ball must be on its way down approximately at hoop height when attempting to rebound.??? (Somebody correct me here)
    (I have a tendency to react as soon as it hits the hoop... 'cause I suck)

    Boxout skill is very important and getting it to work is essential but not always necessary.
    Power rebound allows a rebound even when boxed out.
    The chip-out skill is the same timing as a rebound.???
    Directional inputs should be in the same direction as the ball bounce on jump.

    Again, max out stats. Pay money or be active in all card awarding activities, get cards, push stats.
    Use appropriate character. Otherwise let someone else jump.

    Thank you. I look forward to any and all input/corrections.

    Edited 8/6/19
    Every now and again I login to see what's happening and there is some pretty whacked out s**t in the game now.
    As awesome as some of the new animations are, it is getting f***ing ridiculous. Some moves are still buggy as all hell (a la Joey).
    When the ball disappears and you know you read the opposition and timed your jump spot on and it still goes in.... f***.
    Still I hope the game continues and I look forward to improvement.
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    tip off timing. start jump when the ball just just or almost reach the highest point.

    shooting block. is ok to with or without direction key as long as you are in block range. Check your block attribute to know how big your block range. keep a reasonable distance between your opponent, like one body distance.

    layup up and dunk block. the block point always near the rim.

    search freestyle 2 rebound on youtube. many good videos about freestyle 2. there are basically the same game.


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      I planned on making a YouTube channel to explain all of this shit for newcomers, or people who are just generally questioning the mechanics of this game. Still not sure how I'll manage to do so, but, it'll definitely be coming soon though.

      For me, tip-off is one of the best time draining moves in the entire game. It not only annoys the people who are also trying to get the ball themselves and make a point before the entire half is gone. But, to some degree you don't even have to worry about rebounding the ball. Unless upgraded, I'm pretty sure it doesn't even reach the same scale as rebounding does. With rebounding, as I've noticed, it's a lot faster than the tip-off animation. So it just surprises me when people pull that shit off in traffic, it's nearly impossible to catch successfully unless some skill points are invested into it for a while. That way, I'm guessing, so that you can actually gain more height on it and in time, if fully upgraded, would eventually reach a similar rate as the rebounding animation. Rebounding also covers a lot more ground on the jump, with tip-off, in early level, you barely jump off of the ground and are heavily dependent on the reach of your arms to get the ball, just like rebounding. So, in my opinion, you shouldn't be focused on the timing of it, you should focus more on the position of your character and what's surrounding you as you do it.

      When it comes to characters that have a high standing in their layup attributes, particularly their long distance layup attribute, then you have to be careful when faced against them towards the rim. Because with it being so high, they can literally press square and make it into the basket like that. Take the Professor for example. His long distance layup is so high that he could execute the animation from like a few feet away from the hoop, like damn near towards the free throw line. It's insane. So, when you see people abusing that attribute, be prepared to move backward and jump to block the shot attempt, and that's essentially the best you can do as not being someone who particularly plays Pedro or Murdock. It's a difficult task to accomplish without the supportive kit that those two have in attempting to get the ball back into their team's possession, that's essentially what defense leads to. More turnovers on their side turn into more points on your side. Also, for dunks. You have to acknowledge frame data. Frame data essentially refers to the rate at which moves in this game come out.

      So, if you make a comparison between someone like Luther and Clarke, there's a difference between them in terms of frames. This is my opinion, though. So it hasn't necessarily been proven yet. But I think there's a speed difference between the way they animate while dunking. Because Clarke is able to animate in his dunk attempts at such a fast rate, it makes it harder to block the attempt successfully, and then you'll just get dunked. It's the same for Luther too, except I think that his is slower than Clarke's. Someone can correct me on that if they want, but, that's what I think.

      Anyway, yeah. You just have develop a sense of what the timing for the jump is for everyone in the cast, and it's not impossible either. I forgot you mentioned the fadeaway though, so...

      With fadeaway, it's a pretty fast move I'd say. Generally not that many frames being utilized to execute the move and shoot the ball. But, the trick to blocking it is moving forward and jumping. So, essentially, with the fadeaway, you just have to consider the science of it. If you're going for a move that's literally faster than my jump to block your shot, then I have to jump faster than you and predict that you will perform the move. That way I'm in line of the trajectory with my hand and it made in time as the ball was traveling forward and towards the basket. Easy block, more or less. Consider the way the move too, as it is triggered by moving backward and pressing square.


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