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Finding Your Main. Finding your style. ( tips from a joey main )

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  • Finding Your Main. Finding your style. ( tips from a joey main )

    There's a lot of options provided for players on the defensive and offensive end. Some characters might excel if they're put to the task of trying to get the ball back onto their team's end, and some are very capable in scoring. It's difficult to summarize the routes that you can take in order to figure out what you want to play as. Everyone has their own preferences. For me, I think my favorite position is the small forward position. I'm slowly starting to figure out why I like it, but, I think it's mainly the scoring potential that they have at their disposal. Not only am I basically the ace of the team, but I can also make plays happen by just dancing around and being careful on which move I should take next. You're essentially asking to be the ace of the team most of the time by playing that position, but if you don't have a legit composition to help out with it, it makes it harder for you to shine and get buckets to save your team. Though, one of the most frequent mistakes that some players make is assuming that characters like Joey or Amanda are good on the defensive end. I would only argue that small forwards are a lot better for being able to block jump shots and layups. Dunks are their main issue, as it's essentially a power struggle and a battle that's heavily dependent, I think, on the balance attribute. If you look at William, Amanda, and Joey, their balance attribute are basically smaller than all of the other bigs in the game. I think without that stat being pretty high, it makes it a lot more difficult to be a reliable defender in the paint.

    To spark conversation though, what inspired you to play into the position that you prefer? I think one of the main reasons why I picked up Joey was because of his handles, but, I also think that he sometimes comes out to be the "LeBron" of the team. Basically, I like being able to put down points in order to make sure that our team is ahead and constantly has the tide in their control. I also like to pass, but, Joey's pass rating is pretty damn low. So, most of the time, I could be making the worst pass selections, and it ends up being a turnover because that teammate was too far out for the pass to be decent and reach their hands successfully. Not to imply that I don't pass, but, everyone else should consider this too while looking at the attributes for the characters that you'd like to pick up. It helps you make decisions on how you should play around with them and create easy synergy between you and your teammates. It also helps to look at what skills you have available too, and how it might help on either the defensive or offensive end.