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    lol so i just started this yesterday and goddam are people bad. Prolly players coming from 2k so understandable lol. From the couple games i played its js fs2. Literally traded my xbox for a ps4 to play this as a big fan of freestyle since the sierra days.

    So any og players on here? Leave psn or add me 'Dashboardabc'

    i mained C on fs2 and fssb so yaa yall see me out there

    oh and im in oklahoma so i guess im central? More west? In a military base...
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    wew.. I am pretty much on the same boat.. I am a big fan as well, even a MOD in FS2. I am also looking for fs2/fssb players around to team up on 3on3 but I am located in Asia. I hope we can hear both from players around our respective regions. Cheers!


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