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    Hi there dear GMs ~ I am a new guy on 3on3, a MOD from FS2. I did bought myself a ps4 console just to try and experience 3on3 and how this is different from FS2.

    Just a quick question about servers...

    I am from Philippines, and as we all know, PH is still not included in the list (not available) when creating/registering for a PSN so I had to create an account and added a US location instead (coz I do want to get the US - English versions of whatever game I decide to play in the future).

    With that being the case, if I start playing 3on3 I wonder which server will I be connected to? is it automatic? and where is the exact location of that server?

    P.S. I haven't downloaded/played the game just yet since I am still waiting for my gaming TV to arrive

    Thanks in advance to those you will send a respond. Cheers!
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    Greetings Baller,

    Glad to clarify this issue to you. The game version that will be downloaded depends on your PSN ID's Location. In your case, since you created your account using US location, the game will automatically download the US Version of the game. Meaning, you will automatically be queued in US server. For you to play in different server, you need to use different PSN ID with different location (Singapore for Asia, EU for Europe). Since you're living in the Philippines, we advise you to use the Asia server for smoother game connection.

    Hope you'll enjoy the game!


    [GM] Mari


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      [GM]Mari thank you so much for responding. Seems like I have to create a new PSN ID with different location, perhaps Singapore. Again, thanks for clarifying. Hope to see you GMs on the hard court! Cheers!


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        [GM]Mari oops! just another quick additional question GM Mari. My brother is also playing 3on3 and he's located in Japan, using a JPN PSN. I did a quick research about 'PS4 regioning' and I found out that Japan is apparently listed under 'Region 2' with EU? does this also mean that Japanese players are being connected to 3on3 EU server not Asia? which means, technically, we won't be able to play together if I create an account under 'Region 3' location (e.i. Singapore)? Is my understanding correct?
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          Hi Passcode,

          Yup! Your understanding is correct about the regioning, however, Japan has a unique server of its own and doesn't share the same region with EU. If you really wants to play with your brother, just download the Japanese Version by using JPN PSN ID location but believe me, your connection wouldn't be that great and your ping might also affect the team's gameplay.

          Hope this clears your concern.


          [GM] Mari


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            Thank you [GM]Mari ! I think I am all clear now when it comes to servers/ps4 regioning. Appreciate your hospitality!

            P.S. please say 'hi' to Lucy for me