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Matchmaking takes long time in east asia server

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  • Matchmaking takes long time in east asia server

    it takes a long time to find a match in asia server after the latest maintenance pls fix this to avoid losing players who are not patient enough.
    PSN/IGN: CruzKontrol27
    add me, let's play as a team.

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    Same issue ... admin please take note.


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      Happen again today. Need to close app and reopen in order to connect to a match


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        Wake up girlfriend, it's CruzKontrol who most likely did it. They knew what kind of a blight on 3on3 CK is. Gotta shut that buttguzzler down.
        Joycity taking more Ls than CruzKontrol27


        • CruzKontrol
          CruzKontrol commented
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          Still crying www3on3loser reshinup aka jonel the attention seeker with so many troll accounts that begs for gifts and acts as a god on his community hahaha. Gotta shut me down? Dream on.. you never won against me thats why you are so salty cancerous cry authistic special kid with adhd. Haha.

        • A1onPoopVa
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          Filty lag stealer, the only cancerous punk kid is you. If we lived closer, you can bet your cheeks I'd shut you down. Be on you like Lulu on the Hamburglar.